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Caring for children with complex medical conditions is our specialty.  We offer medically fragile children a cheerful, home-like setting to help them flourish.  No matter what your child may need, we want to be there for you and your child.

Kulana Malama is medical facility that doesn’t look or feel like one.  Our fun, child-friendly center is bright and spacious and includes a giant beanstalk, castles and other whimsical storybook features.

In Hawaiian, our name means a “center of healing.”  And our goal is to improve the quality of life of every child who comes to our facility.

Kulana Malama is Hawaii’s only stand-alone center devoted to helping children with complex medical needs.  Kulana Malama’s medical team is experienced in caring for the most challenging health conditions.

Our 30-bed facility in Ewa began operations in 2007 and is located on seven beautiful acres in the Ewa Beach residential neighborhood.

Our Partners

Oahu Nursing Facility
Oahu Nursing Facility
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